Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sewing Room Finished!

I mentioned awhile back that I had finished cleaning the sewing room. I finally took some pictures and I love the room. It's still cluttered, but it's much better than it was and I can finally breathe and work in the room. It's a real pleasure to go in there and I could stay in there for hours if I didn't feel guilty about neglecting Eddie. But, after all, the sewing room was his idea in the first place.

Last night I finished a quilt top that I'm getting ready to put into the frame to quilt. I'm making it for a friend who has been begging me to make her a quilt. She has offered to pay me to make it, but I'm not going to take money from her. She's out of work and to top everything off, she's been diagnosed with cancerous tumors. I'm giving her the quilt. It's the least I can do.

I have decided, though, that after I finish this quilt and give it to her, that I'm going to start quilting quilt tops to earn extra money to help pay off some major debts that we have. If I have to take a second job to earn some extra money, it may as well be doing something that I enjoy. I can sit in the sunroom with Eddie and watch TV while I'm quilting. I can't think of a better way to get paid for doing something I love.

When I finish a quilt I guess I sort of feel like authors do when they finish a book. Sort of like Joan Wilder did in the movie Romancing the Stone. I want to celebrate. It sounds vain, I know, but there is a joy in finishing something that you are proud of. I just want to look at the finished quilt and admire it and feel thankful that I am able to create something so beautiful. Not because I'm good, but because God gave me the gift and ability to be able to do it.

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