Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Socks Finished

These are the green socks that I finished last night. I'm wearing them today and they are very warm. I love them. I was going to cast on for another pair of socks last night, but was really tired so I decided to wait until tonight.

One thing I've learned and that is that I love knitting socks. I never thought I would ever even want to, much less love it so much, but one of my coworkers who is proficient at it, encouraged me and I was really happy when I knit my first pair. Now I'm hooked.


wendy g said...

Hi Sharon,
I love all of your socks and I have the sock bug too!

Chie said...

Your socks are really nice! :)
I heard often that sock knitting is addictive.
I wish I had the time to knit socks!