Monday, January 30, 2006


This weekend I finished one sock that I had been working on for awhile. I really like this color. It's sort of a variegated green. It's Regia Color 5572. I just started on the second sock yesterday. These cold, rainy days are perfect for watching TV, knitting, reading a good book, and napping. Not necessarily in that order. I took two naps over the weekend. One on Saturday afternoon and another one yesterday afternoon. There was a short time when the sun came out between the rain showers and while we were sitting in the sun I just got so drowsy that I had to take naps both days. I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm a firm believer in napping.


Chie said...

Hi, Sharon! :)
Ooooh I love the color of your sock, and you did a great job on it!
I've never made knit socks although I've been wanting too..
It just looks so difficult.
Have you found the Lion Brand yarn for the Valentine socks?
They look nice too. :)

Sharon said...

I have posted a reply to Chie privately, but in answer to her question about the Lion Brand yarn for the Valentine sock, the answer is no I have not found the yarn yet, but I haven't really had time to do much looking. I was thinking that I probably won't get it made for Valentine's Day, but the yarn comes in other colors, so that pattern would be cute in any other color that could be enjoyed any time and not just for a holiday. Of course, who says you can't wear red socks any time of the year and not just for Valentine's?

I also found some really pretty red/pink varietaged sock yarn at my yarn store that could be used for a Valentine colored sock and could also be worn all year.